About Us


To be the world’s most admired partner in emerging markets.


To be a high performing, fast–moving company with leading brands, operating across the globe in several selected emerging territories.


MLG Group| (MLG) is arguably the leader in business management, distribution, operations, intelligence systems and services in Emerging Markets such as Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Whether it’s optimizing inventory, improving profitability, managing stock, enhancing employee performance, cross-selling products/services, predicting the future of your business or averting a crisis before it occurs, MLG delivers pre-emptively for a competitive advantage. With a broad mix of innovative products and services that have been developed over the last decade along with a broad range of partners, MLG is the strategic operational, business and technology partner trusted by businesses around the world. MLG has been built over many decades through the acquisition and clustering of businesses. Its success is grown and maintained through the perpetual renovation and innovation of its services, while its approach to expansion, acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships has given traction to a network that now spans more than 22 African countries and 5 Middle Eastern countries.

The Group focus is across the value chain – which a broad basket of categories spans a wide range of brands which are underpinned by comprehensive research and meaningful insights into each of the markets in which MLG operates. MLG is a world–class operation – and will continue to hold and grow its position through constant investment in every asset of the business, be it in people, brands, technology, efficiency, quality or sustainability.

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