MLG Group has a track record of developing, acquiring and growing with our partners through innovation, skill and expertise.

We have historically focused on the Emerging Markets and provided consistently superior returns for our investors. The company is respected for its innovative approach and high-performance culture and prides itself in employing confident individuals who demonstrate energy, passion, commitment, drive and a creative outlook.

MLG Group is rapidly expanding the footprint of the business and through our strategy of selective acquisition and joint ventures and growing our partner brands, is becoming a recognised ‘multi-country, local player’ in selected emerging markets, with exports across the globe and interests in countries such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

MLG Group’s employees are passionate, energetic and committed to delivering results in a high performance and fast-paced environment. Employees boast a diverse knowledge and experience in these markets; best in breed management, internal controls and processes; and a world-class business philosophy.

We are looking for independent thinkers who want to join a company that believe innovation and client success leads to making the world a better place.
To learn more about becoming part of our team send in your CV to

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