MLG Group| (MLG) offers a full range of services to make your projects a success.


MLG has been implementing client specific solutions for many years, and has developed a proven approach that reduces risk, accelerates delivery, and ensures a quality solution. MLG’s Professional Services Group helps MLG customers plan and implement their solutions by leveraging best practices around MLG’s architecture and wide range of products, providing reusable components and transferring subject matter expertise to customer implementation teams.


In typical projects, the supplier and delivery team excluding the client know the full requirements and are aware of the implications to deliver a project. In more complex projects, the client requirements become a process which requires careful management to identify the needs, review and understand the options, prior to making an informed decision, the outcome of which is clearly understood. The situation is further complicated where operations input is involved, as these requirements need careful management and interpretation to ensure that they are in line with the overall project objectives.

This process needs to be co-ordinated by a manager with a knowledge and understanding of the operation, as well as the logistics, design and development aspects of the project. Proper program and project management will provide and maintain operating criteria which is approved by the client and operations, and integrate this into the design and project brief.


To help customers get their implementation teams up and running with their projects as quickly as possible, MLG Educational Services provides world class training through Technical Learning Centers and Private/Customer Dedicated Training. Additionally, MLG offers a number of programs designed to meet the needs of individuals and companies, such as Boot Camps, Learning Pathways and Prepaid Training Accounts.

After completing MLG courses, our Knowledge Assessments are a valuable way to verify learning.


MLG is dedicated to ensuring customer success by providing timely response and resolution to problems with MLG products. MLG’s highly-skilled support engineers are well-versed in all the products and services we support, which includes a broad spectrum of third-party products and services. MLG’s support services group is a global organization that uses a “follow-the-sun” model to ensure that support is available whenever it’s needed.

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